What Call of Duty has taught me about the Wii

I’m just about willing to say that Call of Duty 3 is the most important game on the Wii right now. I couldn’t even finish it, yet it showed me a lot about the console that I never thought about before (or simply disregarded as false).

For instance, we’ve all heard the complaints from lazy gamers who are afraid of being active when playing the Wii, thinking they will get tired after only a few short minutes. Even before launch this was often mocked, and once people started playing, it seemed even sillier. But it isn’t silly at all. True, most games will not tire you out – even Wii Sports won’t unless you play it like a workout.… Read the rest

Weekly News We Care About Wrap Up – 11.3.06

Halo movie indefinitely stalled
That a Peter Jackson backed Halo movie probably won’t get made despite the fact that Uwe Boll continually releases game based movies is beyond hilarious. Clearly, if there is a god he is evil, or maybe he just has a great sense of humor.

A scene from the upcoming Castlevania movie.

Castlevania movie coming
Odds are, this movie will be slightly better than Van Helsing. The problem is that Van Helsing is solidly on “so bad it’s good” ground, and so Castlevania, by being better, will be worse. Castlevania’s only hope is to be crappier than Van Helsing (or actually good, but let’s not get crazy) and therefore better.… Read the rest

Review – Perfect Dark Zero

If you, or anyone else you know, still needs proof that Rare has become irrelevant, then I suggest you find a way to play Perfect Dark Zero. There is no doubt in my mind that any and all talent that may have existed at the company left a long time ago. All that is left are either old relics who have failed to change with the times (which can happen when your games take half a decade to complete), or perhaps new faces that are too afraid to do anything but imitate those that came before them. Forget the fact that this debuted on a next generation console; Perfect Dark Zero is a design that was irrelevant before even Halo came along.… Read the rest

Weekly News We Care About Wrap Up – 7.14.06

Breaking news: Microsoft not doing well in Japan
This is the only strategy MS needs for the Japanese market:

We all know Japan hates outsiders, especially those with a wider range of vision — called Xeyenophpbia (that’s why they bombed Pearl Harbor, look it up). We also know they seem to have some sort of averse reaction to nuclear bombs. And finally, we understand that all Japanese people would gladly die for the Final Fantasy series.

Now, Microsoft first needs to befriend Kim Jong Il (the heart-throb of North Korea). I’d recommend buying a movie studio or two to speed up the relationship, or maybe give him a few billion of Warren Buffet’s dollars.… Read the rest

The Ethics of Farming part II

Continued from yesterday’s part I

  • If you buy gold, you support Chinese sweatshops.

You’d think people on computers made in Chinese sweatshops would catch the irony of their argument. They don’t though, know why? It’s because they don’t want Chinese people on their servers period. It isn’t about keeping the game servers clean of trouble, it’s about keeping out people who don’t speak English or live in a country they like. Here is the truth though. There are no gold farming Chinese sweat shops. I have spoken to gold farmers personally in person and in the game. I was curious about the way they operate so I am always asking questions.… Read the rest