What is there to say about a site thats name is a terrible play on words? Take a look at our Manifesto (or for something written this decade, this post on our return), it somewhat explains our original intent. We decided early on that a new site like this one needs to focus on articles because most game review sites already have hundreds of back reviews. We could never catch up on reviews, but we can complain pretty quickly. Interesting articles on other topics would dilute the criticism, making the site more bearable, we decided. But then what of reviews; how could people who insist on wearing their emotions on their sleeves resist reviewing games? We couldn’t, but we decided to mostly stick to a few specific types of games. Obscure games, artsy games, and “hardcore” games get most of our critical attention. Our reviews are not meant to be the first take you read on a game (unless you’ve never heard of it before, in which case we have done our job) because they’re usually very subjective, and if you’re getting your main gaming info from us then we have a number of links to share with you. More information on who we are can be found on the Staff page or by contacting us.