Tux and Fanny – A Review

Listen. You think you’re cool enough to be into Tux and Fanny? You’re probably not. Me neither.

But I will tell you all about it. This shit is wacky af. It starts with a soft spot for me, these two pixelated bamas want to kick around a soccer ball in their front yard.

Where do they think they are? PG County? I love it.

I easily (and purposely) get distracted by a million other side quests. Just to give you a spoiler alert, I loved this game. It made little sense, but rarely disappointed.

To set the scene, you are a weird Gumbo-like ?alien? living in a house with your bestie/alien brethren.

Sweet side note of this game, you can alternate between playing Tux OR Fanny, I know! Mind blown!, or a random punkass cat or meddlesome flea.

Everybody dance now.

The creativity is not spared in this game, the side quests are seemingly endless. To the point that every once in a while I got frustrated that I didn’t know the exact song to play for the seagulls on the roof. This was a way late point of contention for me. Maybe we shouldn’t bring it up.

Important notes about this game, it never ends.. in the best way possible. When I achieved the

first/main goal of inflating the soccer ball for a kick around, I audibly gasped. I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to pursue multiple other tasks.

I hate it when that happens.

With those fears diverted, I was able to continue with all sorts of nonsense. You’re already playing a nonsensical pixelated creature. But now as a player you get to explore all the computer games, record playing, and code cracking from book reading that one could want.

I don’t know how to convince you to play this game without ruining some of the magic.

But you get to solve problems like a flea colony’s life story for survival, as a side note, vs playing a worm game where you have to wiggle through a horse’s intestines and then rectum like an Ace Ventura movie, but nerdier.

This game provides useful advice.

There are quests that build upon one another without being super annoying. You must go to a forbidden forest to defeat multiple giants. A bit much? Sure. But you also get to play

multiple parts and look under rocks and film videos for money on the internet, but no onlyfans.

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1 year ago

Love the reference to PG County

I’m curious as to how many visual styles this game has. Most of the screenshots have a sort “slightly better than an-Atari 2600” vibe, which is a choice that very few indie games go for (instead preferring a “slightly better than NES or SNES” vibe. I like it.

and that cat picture at the bottom reminds me a bit of the stuff you could draw with the old VTECH TV drawing tablet.

But now I’m curious what other styles they are.

Also, I appreciate the idea of a game that just kind of goes in whatever directions it wants. Seems like it’s about the “vibe” as much or more than anything. While it may look random, I think a game like this actually requires a strong vision to make it all work as a whole.

1 year ago

I don’t know what this is but I’m interested.