Weekly News We Care About Wrap Up – 1.12.07

Analyst who predicted PS3 shortages till June worries about units on shelf
I generally support any news that doesn’t support Sony but my disdain for analysts trumps even my resentment towards Sony. The analyst in this case has already predicted Sony’s triumph this generation but is now “troubled” by recent news of PS3s sitting on shelves. At least Captain Obvious makes four times as much as the average American.

This one is called “Don’t be a 2nd player hater.”

i am 8 bit exhibit = awesome
If you are a game buff and have some money to blow on crap to hang on walls, check out i am 8 bit. “I’ll have one art, please!”

Kaz Hirai talks shit
Kas says a few things that are worth contemplating. First, is the technology in the PS3 actually cutting edge like he claims? Sure it is advanced, but is a natural evolution of a tech (make it FASTER! FASTER!!!) as cutting edge as a new (to consumers) technology? Because a game system isn’t a computer, it makes little sense to compare it directly to one. My brand new iPhone isn’t old technology simply because there are computers with faster processors. Xbox live is the best online gaming system even if it can’t be quantified in processor cycles. The PS3 does have some amazing aspects, but I’m not sold on the simplistic idea that more of something automatically makes it “cutting edge.”

Kaz also mentions that if they hadn’t pushed the envelope they wouldn’t be Sony. This is an odd comment for a couple of reasons. First, the PS2 was not at the technological forefront of its generation. Secondly, he seems to imply that Microsoft and Nintendo are unable to develop more advanced technology. Everything in business, as in life, is a compromise. Microsoft obviously has the resources to build extremely powerful hardware but then they wouldn’t have a 10 million console lead on the competition.

Porn industry likes HD DVD
This article seems to think the porn industry doesn’t matter that much. For whatever it’s worth, common wisdom was that VHS beat Beta because of the porn industry’s support.

Slamdance saga
The independent game competition Slamdance made the mistake of caving to advertisers’ request that contest finalist Super Columbine Massacre RPG be pulled. Six of the 14 other finalists have withdrawn their games in protest, and one other sponsor has withdrawn support. The latest news is that the judges themselves are pissed off by the censorship. Maybe next year someone will enter a game that has the player control a corporation bent on capturing political power.

Sony’s DNA may be jovial but it’s just not very bright.

Peter Moore talks shit
Moore says a solid online system isn’t in Sony’s “DNA.” Is that anything like how game consoles weren’t in their DNA in 1995? This quote from Moore also seems untrue – “Sony was very fond of saying a year ago that the first few months don’t mean anything, anyway. So now they seem to me they’ve reversed that stance and they’re saying, ‘In the first few months we’re the winner.'” Sony is arrogant as usual, but they seem to be more defensive than celebratory.

Original IPs make up the bulk of best selling franchises
The James Bond series (and debatably Madden) is the only licensed franchise on this top 20 franchise list. Read this list, developers. Study it. Love it.

Bill Gates takes Nintendo seriously…for the moment
It feels like only yesterday I reported that Bill Gates thought a motion sensing controller was stupid. One of Bill’s main concerns was that players will put their controller down and accidentally kill themselves (in the game). Apparently, consumers have successfully located the pause button on the Wii controller; Bill now identifies Nintendo as his main competitor.

There has been speculation that he was speaking of only the Japanese market. This could be true but really the Dreamcast is competition for Microsoft in Japan. Another theory is that Gates made the comment to insult Sony. The counter for this is the claim that Gates always says what he thins is true and doesn’t mince words. I’ve seen him say some pretty catty things, though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if his fear of Nintendo is at least slightly a dig at Sony.

MTV wants 1Up
It looks like 1Up may get worse. If MTV buys the site, can they remove all traces of video games much like they’ve done with music on their TV station? They could just follow IGNs lead and add some bikini babes. Or they could give us Yo Mamma! Online. I’m an automatic fan of anyone named Wilmer, especially if they’ve dated Lindsay Lohan.

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