The Wii-Hunt Is Over

I’ve just spent since the UK launch (8th Dec) searching for a Wii. I’ve traipsed all the websites, and clenched my fists at the mocking “out of stock” signs. I even let it drop when I walked into another game shop yesterday to find out that yes, they do have stock, but no, they aren’t going to give me one because they’re for the people who have pre-ordered. And not turned up four days later.

Then I got a hot tip. Virgin Megastores at a shopping mall a fair bit away from me (an hour on a train) would have them in some time early this week. £30, 15 wasted hours and way too much time spent on public transport, I finally have one. And I’ve got to say, it’s unbelievable.

Never have I known my whole family come into the living room and all have a go on the Wii. Even people who couldn’t play games an hour before were kicking my arse at Tennis and panning everybody at Charge!

I’ve never ever seen a full room of such happy faces. In my life.

I’ll give you my full experiences when I’ve had a bash at some more proper games, so for now, ta ta.

And the rest of the Wiis at Virgin Megastores?

40 of them sold out in 5 minutes.

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17 years ago

Ya know, I do like the fact that anyone can play Wii Sports, but my girlfriend is a god-damn beast at bowling. I seriously do not like playing with her because she kicks the shit out of me. She has been known to through the game sometimes, but I still lose! She has 3 characters, and all are Pro. She averages around 210, and has a high of like 250. Fucking kills me. At first, I thought it was cool, but 2 weeks of this garbage and I’ve grown tired. I may have to quit bowling entirely. Tennis I still rock at, thankfully.