Sony Ram More Hard Phallic Instruments Up Britain

It really is never ending is it? First we get told that we wont receive the PS3 until March, which I accurately predicted about a year ago (shame I didn’t put a bet on it), and now Head Honcho Harrison is refusing to tell us that we’ll be getting it for March. Which I also predicted a couple of months back. This time, I’m going to commit this prediction to the web: I reckon the PS3 won’t be released in England until November 2007. That’s right. That late. They screwed us with the PSP, and now they’re doing the same with the PS3.

When asked whether or not the console would be released in Britain and Europe for the predicted March launch window, Harrison merely said:

“It’s not my job to comment on hardware supply issues other than to say some very smart people are working very hard to catch up”

Let me rephrase that statement in to what he really wanted to say:

“I’d like to tell you that we really don’t know when the console will be out in Europe, and to be honest we really don’t care. Smart people? Pfft. If these people were smart we wouldn’t have this fucking problem and I wouldn’t be answering difficult questions like a politician.”

So there you have it folks, what Harrison wanted to say.

Bend over a little further Britain, and take it like a man.

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17 years ago

Meh, judging by most of the reviews, you aren’t missing out on much. Hell, the only way I’m going to be able to pay for the damn thing is when I get my tax return sometime next year. Wait a minute, I a self-employed contractor, I don’t get a tax return! Awwww fuck! Well, no PS3 for me.