Where has the hype gone?

Here in England, we always get things late. Sometimes very late, but that’s usually just Sony (I still stand by my claim that the PS3 won’t be out here until November). Something that England and the rest of Europe usually have, though, is an abundance of hype, hype, and more hype. Strangely enough, we all of a sudden have a lack of hype, and since the Wii has been released in America it seems to have disappeared off of the face of the planet over here. It’s released here in less than a month, so where has it all gone?

Maybe Nintendo have suddenly discovered that it won’t appeal to us Limeys. They’ve seen that the majority of the reviews by fat balding Americans of Red Steel be a tad negative, and they must be assuming the same for the English. Strange that, when the only other positive reviews have been from Europe. I will admit, lots of Japanese ideas tend to flop in Europe, but this is one idea even us English don’t want to miss out on. We loved the DS Ninty, so why abandon us in the final hour?!

I can’t actual believe I’m complaining about the lack of hype. Hype has turned some cracking games into less cracking ones with too much hype, but at the moment it feels like in the UK the Wii will never exist.

Maybe that’s what Ninty are planning?

God no, it’s going to be the only exercise I get.

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