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Learning from Japanese Synergy

Synergy is not a word to be recklessly tossed about. It is a seriously proactive relationship between outside of the box marketing and paradigm shifting branding that can result in untold of revenue for your company. The video game market has created new opportunities for the realignment of business models in this post category killer Ted spread. Tracing this synergy to its roots leads us across the Pacific.

The Japanese consumer will buy anything. Despite saving more than Americans, the Japanese are extremely hardcore in their loyalty. People who follow an anime will buy any worthless product tie in, people who like school girls will spend money on used school girl underwear, and people who like a game series will buy food and drinks as long as it has the series logo on it.

This is the Final Fantasy XII Potion beverage:

It is a product of Suntory’s beverage making know how and Square Enix’s marketing magic. The product, made primarily of sugar dissolved in tap water, will sell for about $1.75, or for the collector who prefers to display beverages rather than drink them, a set can be purchased for around $5.35.

What can American companies learn from this marketing wizardry? A direct lesson is hard to draw because the American consumer, while ignorant and eager to waste money, tends to be less hardcore than the Japanese. Unless your name is George Lucas, you will have a tough time convincing Americans to wait in tents for your product. A new energy drink in an already overcrowded market will not stand out in the states simply because we brand the Final Fantasy name on it.

If energy drinks aren’t the way to go, what video game product could capture the American dollar? We must look to our culture. What sells here are guns and breasts. The murder rate is extremely high for an industrialized nation and making women ashamed of their bodies is an honored American institution. That women feel inadequate is a crucial part of the magazine, beauty product, and plastic surgery industry and we protect the revenue we create from these markets with handguns.

Thus, I bring you the Lara Croft Bra & Holster:

A direct tie in to the Tomb Raider series, this oversized bra (runs in sizes FF through JJ) will make your wife or girlfriend feel nearly worthless. Needless to say, they will buy more than one. The tagline: Can you fill the tombs? The cover of the new Cosmo will read, “Make Him Never Shoot Blanks Again: Tantric Sex While Wearing the Lara Croft Bra & Holster” and plastic surgeons will feel the heat of trying to help millions of women fill out their L.C. B&H™.

It’s time we show those small breasted Japanese how marketing is done.

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