The cost of gaming (or not gaming)

This New Year’s, I’ll be in London. My vacation promises to be sweet, but something struck me earlier today. Does it count as regicide if the royal family is merely allowed to keep their castle for show? If you accidentally run down the Queen whilst driving the wrong way (which would be her fault in the first place for allowing people to drive on the left side of the street) does it count as vehicular regicide?

Also, if I didn’t go to England, I could afford a PS3. You must be saying, “What are you, a fucking idiot? The point of life is to experience new things, see new places, run over queens. It’ll do you good to get out of your bedroom and will give your forearm muscles some time to heal.” You make a good point, but even so, it seems like a lot to give up. Not only could I afford a PS3, but I could even get a 360, too, and still spend less than the whole trip would cost.

And really, don’t video games teach us about the world? Not really, but they do play a prominent role in many of my favorite memories. I can barely remember Niagara Falls, and I saw two sides of it. But Sub Zero’s fatality is etched into my brain (F,D,F,HP). I don’t just have memories of the games themselves, but of time spent with childhood friends playing said games. Who can forget when I played Shining Force all night with Jordan, then when my mom came in to speak to us in the morning he completely ignored her because we were trying to destroy the laser eye? Although maybe I only remember it because mom yelled at me about how that damn kid never pays attention to her.

What it really comes down to is that I will one day get a PS3, but the way the war on terror has been going, there may not be a London to see in a year. Also, my parents gave me that Christmas money for a trip and would probably disown me if I used it to buy consoles.

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17 years ago

Have fun over there.  Its not like you would be able to find a PS3 anyway:)

17 years ago

My memory, is playing Rescue Mission for master system in your living room. Did you not have a tv in your room? Is that why we had to use the living room tv? Haha…good times….London eh? Have a good time.