Weekly News We Care About Wrap Up – 5.19.06

Classic Engrish.

Wii development a go for SNK Playmore
Metal Slug for the Wii, awesome. Citing Sony’s dislike of 2D games, SNK Playmore has stated they will be focusing on the Wii. I can only hope Treasure follows the same logic, and since their last few games were on Nintendo systems it seems likely.

EB/Gamestop insider trading lawsuit settled
White collar crimes are really the ones to commit. No prison time, no admission of guilt, and that’s IF you get caught (and aren’t a rich snobby woman).

Microsoft Anywhere explained
“Today we have 25 to 30 million people playing monthly on all of Microsoft’s different game services. What Live Anywhere is doing is bringing them all together so that there is one common identity for you as a gamer across all of those different platforms. One common Gamerscore, one set of friends, one common set of messages, all together in one identity, but not in one place. That is the “Anywhere” portion. That is why mobile is an important part of the announcement, because it is about how we extend the gaming experience of those 25-30 million people out into the mobile environment.”

Damn, I feel old and out of the loop. Do people really want/need this?

Where’s an Immersion cake when you need one?

Rumble missing from PS3s controllers due to Immersion lawsuit
Immersion sued Sony over use of its rumble technology and won, despite Sony being a larger and richer company so I guess the lack of faith in the legal system I mentioned earlier is unfounded.

Immersion’ president sees the removal of the rumble feature as a step backwards for Sony (but then he is Immersion’s president). Sony claims to have removed the feature because it disrupts the controller’s tilt sensing. Immersion’s president says he would be glad to help them overcome the problem but for Sony to want to do this they would have to accept the current litigation.

Average US gamer 33 years of age
Holy crap that’s high. The people who grew up with Atari and NES are still playing. Isn’t it interesting how when we were the kids we never minded that Nintendo made games that were “kiddie” but now that we’ve grown up we can’t stop complaining about it? Does this point to a strong minority of gamers clamoring for games with elderly sensibilities in a few more decades?

Sony mouthpiece talks about the PS3
If I’m tired of saying it, you must be tired of reading it, but damn it, Sony, stop saying your system is too cheap. People will only perceive it as a good value if they want a Blu Ray player. Gamers who want a system will see it for what it is: a friggin expensive console.

Like a dragon!

Sega Sammy making a lot of money
I like to crap on Sega because pachinko machines are their major source of income, because they continually make sub par games, because they enjoy butchering their franchises, and because they have always sucked at business, but this time I want to say something positive about them. Ryu Ga Gotoku looks really good and it was one of their strong sellers recently. Bravo, I will certainly be picking it up, although in conversation with my elitist friends I will be calling it “Like a Dragon,” not “Yakuza.”

And in bad Sega news, they plan on buying more companies and restructuring themselves yet again. This is how you lost Tetsuya Mizuguchi, remember? Stop restructuring and driving your talent away.

Rez sequel?
Speaking of Mizuguchi, he says that if Sega is up for it he would like to do a Rez sequel. Rez, for those of you who don’t read the hundreds of top ten games no one played lists, was a Dreamcast game that played sort of like Panzer Dragoon, but with much more of a trippy style and focus on music and rhythm. A sequel would please a lot of fans, but as far as weird games made by creative Japanese guys go, I’d prefer Yoot Saito make another Seaman first.

Wii price predictions
Sega exec thinks it will debut for under $200. The logic being it needs to be significantly cheaper than the 360 for people to take a chance on a new unproven gameplay system. Merril Lynch psychic predicts a $200 price tag, while the most tossed around number on the net seems to be $250. If it’s under 200 I’ll buy two and use one as a step stool.

PS3 to cost Brits £425
That’s about $800. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

After another week of bitching and moaning and generally whining about everything possible, I feel like leaving you with something that reminds me of why I love video games so much. This one’s from Konami’s fabulous Rocket Knight Adventures, enjoy:

Turn on your speakers and dance

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17 years ago

im a big fan of the edge awards, or at least the idea behind it. innovation is important to keeping gaming fresh and bringing about a time when it is no longer marginalized by mainstream media (although that may just take time – like when our generation is running things). that said, im pulling for Brain Training. not because ive played it (i havent) but because i think it has the capability to shift the demographic that plays games drastically, as it already has in japan.

17 years ago

I really hope that with SNK supporting the Wii that somewhere along the line we see the Neo Geo pop up on the virtual console. Having all the king of fighters games in one spot makes me drool far more than any new releases.

Also, those edge awards are…interesting to say the least. Good concept, but they seem to be a little confused with some of those categories.