Weekend Spotlight

This week, while hoping to pickup Cooking Mama for the venerable DS, I came across a deal at Wal-Mart that I just couldn’t pass up. In the discount bin, with a pretty tattered box was Donkey Konga 2 with the Conga drums. After checking the prices on Bestbuy and Gamestop’s sites, I don’t think it’s that much of a deal, though. Jungle Beat can be found for only $15. But still, Donkey Konga 2 is rather enjoyable, especially if you go at it in multiplayer.

One thing I want to stress about the game is that the songs are not the original songs. They’re redone by a few cover bands. This is probably because of memory contrainsts with the GC’s disc medium, but there are like 30 of them, so quantity outweighs quality on this one.

Is the lack of the real songs detrimental to the amount of fun you can have? A little. Some of the songs’ remakes sound too sedated, and it makes the game a little underwhelming. They have some REM songs, which kind of baffles me. They’re not the greatest party songs to begin with, and then to remake them? Ouch.

The game does a good job of getting you in-tune with the songs, so it’s not all bad. But now that I have the drums, nothing’s stopping me from getting the far more enjoyable Jungle Beat.

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