Weekly News We Care About Wrap Up – 9.22.06

RedOctane sues TAC who in turn sue RedOctane
Guitar Hero makers RedOctane have filed a lawsuit against TAC for making guitar controllers that resemble their own. In response, TAC has sued RedOctane, claiming they’ve been making guitar controllers longer and that RedOctane is actually infringing on their copyright. Whether or not this sue the suer move is just standard stupid legal strategy remains to be seen. Personally, I’d find it hilarious if RedOctane loses.

Nintendo wants violent sexy games
Nintendo of America is courting mature content for the Wii. This is no doubt a good business strategy, but it still doesn’t sit totally right. However evil they were as a corporation, I always had a little respect for their slightly patronizing desire to protect us from unseemly content. Nintendo was the catcher in the rye. Or, to put it a more asinine way, they were like that grandfather you have that once committed unspeakable atrocities in a war but now goes out of his way to protect you from the harshness of reality, despite the fact that you’re 36. Sure gramps is annoying and smells bad, but he still means well and his concern is kind of sweet. Well, granddad is dead.


Sam and Max and Wii?
Could this signal the revival of the adventure genre? No.

Bioware working on DS game
Generic fantasy > generic science fiction. Please let it be a fantasy game. And please don’t force touch controls into the game. If the game does well maybe we’ll get more good Western developers working on DS titles, which would be very nice.

No link between reviews and sales
Using no science or statistical methods, I though I kinda saw a mild connection between reviews and sales when I stole Next Gens info and made this. The games that seemed to buck the trend could almost always be explained because of a strong license. Badly reviewed games didn’t seem to do well unless they had Final Fantasy or 50 Cent in their titles. Apparently my analysis was off, though, and there is no connection between game sales and reviews. Well, I feel much better.

Igarashi interview
The idea that the producer of a huge series like Castlevania needs to make sure each game expands his market is a little scary. It feels a bit like designers are expected to make their games blander and more generic in order to reach a wider audience. Clearly there’s a lot of room to make a series more appealing simply by making the game play better, but that only goes so far. Eventually the main components of the game will be what stand in the way of further expansion. For example, the 3D Castlevania games apparently expand the market, yet they both give up much of what made the series special and suck ass.

PaRappa port coming to the PSP
Between LocoRoco, Ultimate Ghosts and Goblins, Mega Man Powered Up and now this, I may just have to get a PSP. Punch, kick, it’s all in the mind. A port of Um Jammer Lammy would be nice, too, since I still get that metal song from it stuck in my head from time to time. Even better would be sequels, but to be fair, PSP stands for PlayStation Ports.

Kutaragi’s keynote speech at the Tokyo Game Show may have sucked
With all of the anti-Sony sentiment these days, it’s hard to tell when the company is being given a fair chance and when they’re being blasted because it’s the cool thing to do. So don’t necessarily believe this article word for word, but do know that a handful of sites posted very similar articles.

Capturing? Why not Night of Bush Killing? These terrorists are pussies.

New layered disc to end format war?
A new disc has layers for Blu Ray, HD DVD and DVD all on one disc. Anyone who thinks it stands a chance in hell of becoming the new standard is crazy, though. First of all, they’d just be too expensive. Even if they were cheap, the two sides in the format war had a chance to come together but refused because each wants everything for themselves. The whole point of the PS3 is to usher in the Blu Ray era and Sony will never compromise their format.

Night of Bush Capturing
Want to join Al Qaeda but can’t afford the plane ticket? Then this propaganda game is for you! I’d have preferred to smite infidels to Megadeth’s Holy Wars, but Islamic chanting has it’s own charm. Look for the sequel, Day of Stoning your Wife because she’s a Whore, next month.

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17 years ago

Even though it isn’t my favorite system right now, I still like my PSP. I especially like looking at it, with that fine sheen it has on it. Whew, that thing is pretty. I’ve had it for a year now, and that thing has nary a scratch on it. I baby the thing like crazy. I wipe its ass, talk gibberish to it, and sing it to sleep. Hey, that’s a good analogy. The PSP is like a baby human being. It has hidden strengths in it that, with time and teaching, will grow to do things on its own. I bet in 2-4 years, the PSP will finally able to walk. That basically means actually being worth $250. Right now, it still spits up from time to time…