Wii Midnight Madness

In the last 24 hours, people have been beaten, robbed, and shot for their PS3’s. The demand for the system is at an all-time high right now, but, amazingly, for all the wrong reasons. As has been stated all over the Internet, a lot of the people waiting on a line for the PS3 have now put their new warez on eBay, hoping to take advantage of little Billy’s moronic parents. They’re definitely going to get their money, but some of those lucky sellers thieved their way into that rather large bonus.

I’m writing this blog in hopes that the Nintendo Wii launch this Saturday night goes a lot smoother. Please, everyone, don’t act foolish or selfish. Nintendo has promised a huge supply of Wii’s, and there should be no problem when walking into your local Wal-mart, or what have you, to pick one up. If getting a system means getting shot or beaten, trust me, it’s not worth it. The Wii is indeed special, but it’s not worth your immediate death. If we waited for the system this long, we can certainly wait a little longer. It’s not the long-lost cure for cancer or anything. At least, I’m pretty sure it isn’t. There’s still that rumored last secret about the system.

It’s just been so disheartening to read all these crazy stories on the PS3 launch in America. I just want to make sure that our readers don’t get into any fights or anything. Assuming that not everyone will immediately sell their Wii on eBay, the launch should go fairly well. Just be patient and everyone will have their chance to finally play with their Wii’s (I still love ragging on that name).

As for me, I’m picking up my Wii at the Nintendo World Store on Sunday morning, hopefully after the line has subsided. They’re opening up at 8 AM for all you early risers. I should be there at around 10-11 AM. I hope to see you there. I usually have a retro Nintendo back-pack on.

Oh, and for God’s sake, if someone offers you $1500 for your spot in line, you do the right thing and take the money.

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17 years ago

Oh, and I just called the Nintendo World Store, where they told me 6 AM was when they would open the store on Sunday, which contradicts what they told me on Monday, as well as the official decree from GameSpot. Not really sure at this point what’s going on. My money is on the 8 am time, so work around that.