Gears Of War In Bilingual Shocker, And I Think I’m Developing Mental Problems

According to some random guy hidden in the very deep dark depths of the Internet (don’t go there without rubberised protection and lots of sharp objects), Gears of War is apparently region free. His post isn’t all that informative in explaining his method of finding out, so like a good videogaming fan I must assume he is correct.

Try to skip the fact that Play-Asia blatantly tells this person that he is, in fact, wrong. As a British guy who isn’t getting the damn game for another 10 days, I’m now mulling over the possibilities of purchasing from Play-Asia on the off chance that the guy-from-the-random-website might actually be correct.

I simply can’t wait 10 days. Splinter Cell: Double Agent may be good, but this, this is something else.

I think my head will explode with anticipation soon. Get ready with the glue to stick me together again. I can’t miss this game for the world.

Do I sound slightly obsessed?

Thought so.

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17 years ago

I want to buy Gears for me roomate’s 360 just so I can play it.

17 years ago

im not even a real fan of the genre, nor do i have a 360, but…damn.