TV in and Out

While waiting at home to hear back from employers, I’ve been spending time fiddling with the electronics in my room. I finally attempted to put the S-video out on my video card to use, and got my TV set hooked up to the PC. It has become something of a revolution for me, being able to play the multitude of arcade classics on Gametap on a big display with decent sound instead of from my computer stool. I’m trying out all sorts of games that I never gave a chance before now that I have an opportunity to play them from a more comfortable position. Perhaps I’ll utilize this to do more reviews of old school games!

More importantly, I’ve discovered that there is some use for this old TV after all. I was going to junk it after getting a job in favor of saving for something hi-def, but I think now I’ll save it. In five years when I might have some new gizmos, this old TV and computer might become a perfect mini arcade. Two good screens that will come in handy for displaying low resolutions better than HD, and enough horsepower to run anything that was put in a cabinet sounds like a win-win to me. Plus it allows me to take high quality pics just begging for humorous captions.

2 thoughts on “TV in and Out”

  1. Caption for the first pic: Streets of Rage shows it’s inferior gameplay in that the hookers can be beat up, but don’t give your money back. That feature was later implemented in GTA.

  2. I remember trying to do the same thing with my PC and an S-Video out, but for some reason, a line would continuously move down the screen on my TV. I tried multiple wires and TV’s, but it was still there. It’s probably my video card or something, but upgrading my PC is never something of a priority for me. When I did use it and hooked it up to an hdtv set, Half Life 2:Ep 1 looked amazing. I even setup Media Center on my PC, with a WiFi USB adapter. For like a week I had one hell of a setup. But then I realized that stuff is useless unless you have a TV tuner and recorder. That’s the cool stuff, but my card doesn’t have that ability.

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