Geometry Wars to break your wii-mote and DS this Fall

Bizarre Creations, in a bizarre move indeed, has announced their plans to bring the amazingly difficult old-school XBLA shooter Geometry Wart to Nintendo’s Wii and DS systems. Handling the conversion will be Kuju Entertainment, which you might remember as the developer for Nintendo’s Battalion Wars.

I HATE those little green bastards.

Titled Geometry Wars: Galaxies, it will now include a single-player campaign, as well as a new multiplayer mode (which includes both co-op and competitive modes) and the original version that’s currently available on Xbox 360. It will also include the requisite online leaderboards, although it’s unclear if both the Wii and DS will have them. Rounding out the new additions will be Wii-DS connectivity that unlocks new content. It is scheduled to come out this Fall for both systems.

If anyone has actually played Geometry Wars, then they can attest to how fucking hard the game is. →  Read the rest