Geometry Wars to break your wii-mote and DS this Fall

Bizarre Creations, in a bizarre move indeed, has announced their plans to bring the amazingly difficult old-school XBLA shooter Geometry Wart to Nintendo’s Wii and DS systems. Handling the conversion will be Kuju Entertainment, which you might remember as the developer for Nintendo’s Battalion Wars.

I HATE those little green bastards.

Titled Geometry Wars: Galaxies, it will now include a single-player campaign, as well as a new multiplayer mode (which includes both co-op and competitive modes) and the original version that’s currently available on Xbox 360. It will also include the requisite online leaderboards, although it’s unclear if both the Wii and DS will have them. Rounding out the new additions will be Wii-DS connectivity that unlocks new content. It is scheduled to come out this Fall for both systems.

If anyone has actually played Geometry Wars, then they can attest to how fucking hard the game is. And when I say fucking, I mean it. I’ve nearly lost an Xbox controller over Geometry Wars. In the few months that I had the game, I was close to calling it the most over-rated game of all time. The difficulty was just too high; once you got to 100,000 points, you can kiss your sweet ass goodbye.

But after biting the bullet and putting a few good chunks of time into it, I’ve come to realize that Geometry Wars really is all that and a bag of potato chips. This is one of those games where you really need to be in the “Zone” to get the high points. It does become a hassle when there are so many explosions going on, but if you keep your eyes square on the TV and your mind out of the gutter, you’ll do fine. I myself got nearly 850,000 points a few weeks ago, narrowly missing out on my 1,000,000 points Achievement.

But, if you want to prepare yourself for the migraine you’re going sustain from long Geometry Wars: Galaxies sessions, I suggest you get this for your DS, or this for your Wii. You can thank me later.

[Via IGN]

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