I demand the following Virtual Console games

Nintendo has announced that 24 publishers will be supporting their Wii Virtual Console. I have taken the initiative of compiling a list of the most of the publishers I recognized (at least one of their names was entirely in Japanese) and then decided on one specific game I hope each makes available. Enjoy.

KonamiCastlevania X: Rondo of Blood: The PC Engine only pinnacle of the series, or so they say, goes for a shitload of money these days.

Atlus — Some old Shin Megami Tensei games would really be appreciated. I’ve wanted to get into the series for a long time but the number of games I’ve missed make me feel a little overwhelmed.

MasayaLangriser…2 through 5 sounds good.

CapcomSweet Home: The sort of prequel to the Resident Evil series that never made it out of Japan. Should prove quite informative to anyone interested in game history.

Sega — This was a tough call, as I’m a bit of a Sega nut. Radiant Silvergun in English and for $10 instead of $150 would be nice, but I had to settle on a rerelease of all three parts of Shining Force 3 and then the premium disc. All fully translated, of course.

TecmoNinja Gaiden: The first game in the series was an arcade beat em up that brings back memories of hours spent in the Village Sweet Shop before it was closed down for being a front for drug trade.

Taito — The Chase Headquarters sequel Special Criminal Investigation is another arcade game I see through the rosy lens of nostalgia. I only really recall having a friend use an uzi while I drove through walls of restaurants in hot pursuit of a criminal, but that’s a pretty awesome memory. And the wand would make a great uzi!

NamcoSplatter House: The arcade original would be nice but really any version would do since I managed to miss the entire series in my youth.

Square/Enix — Picking just one title from these two huge companies was a challenge, but I’ve settled on Live a Live. Partly because it’s gotten great reviews, partly because I love RPGs and partly because it’s title seems to be in Engrish.

Hudson — Assuming Hudson owns the rights to…every single game that came out on the PC Engine, which is an absurd assumption, I’m hoping for the Ys series. Just not crappy Ys 3.

IremKid Niki: More nostalgia. My uncle introduced this game to me. He had bought it because his name is Nick.

Koei — Growing up, my friend Charles and I had a policy of never renting a game with the Koei logo on the back. We enjoyed RPGs but the dense old strategy games Koei used to make were just too much to handle for such young minds. It’s a shame now that I’m ready for such games Koei primarily remakes a single action game. How about you give us Uncharted Waters and we call it even?

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17 years ago

Come on Jay, even now if you went back to those games(koei), they’d still be unplayable. Hahahaha