Domo arigato and bon voyage!

Tomorrow morning I will be leaving to join Tyson in Japan. There may be fewer updates and hilarious articles while I’m gone, but by January 8th I’ll be home and within the next month or two we will be ready to think about planning preparations to return to full speed.

In the meantime, enjoy fluffy filler material I’ve preprepared. Ever wonder how the staff here has evolved and changed as gamers in the past two years (hey, that’s how old this site is, what a coincidence)? Wonder no more because this site will soon be flooded with human interest stories.

While you’re reading videolamer and doing whatever it is I assume you do with the rest of your day (hit refresh until you need to pee/eat, pee/eat, repeat), I hope to absorb the local culture by enjoying a Big Mac and Nippon Disney – who cares about what people think beyond what they think of me? After a caramel macchiato with no caramel and extra sake (and tracking down the mythical and elusive Japanese Taco Bell Tyson’s dreamed of every night since I told him it supposedly exists), then it’s over to stand in front of the Nintendo building for a day or two. They say they don’t give tours but then they don’t know the fury of a 140 pound sickly American. Once I’ve got Miyamoto in a headlock the tour, and possibly company, is as good as mine.

If anything interesting happens I’ll be sure to report about it here. Fun fact, they have their own word for groping women on public transportation. My girlfriend may have more interesting stories than I when all is said and squeezed. If all goes according to plan, I’ll bring home the standard cherished memories and all that but more importantly, an MSX, PC Engine Duo, a Sega SG-1000, Radiant Silvergun, a 64DD, $1,350 in credit card debt (that’s 154,249 yen), and, god willing, SARS.

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