Circuit City’s newest scam

Circuit City is known for being a shitty store with shitty customer support and shitty business practices. I have had problems there myself, so from experience I can agree on all counts about the store’s shittiness. Their newest shitty deal is that for only $28.99, they will make your Xbox 360 backwards compatible.

Wow, what a steal! Those who think the role of the market is to screw ignorant people out of money any way possible have been defending Circuit City on the interwebs. How they find time to argue between scamming the elderly and emailing people about millions of dollars in African bank accounts is anyone’s guess.

At first inspection, the “deal” almost sounds legitimate for people who can’t connect to Xbox Live to download the backwards compatability updates for free. Only Microsoft is selling a disc with the update on it for substantially less. An account from a forum user put the price at about $2. Microsoft left off the price, but you can see the info on how to use the disc here.

Call me an idealist, but I prefer retailers who sell quality goods and services at competitive prices, not retailers who take advantage of the ignorance of their customers. It’s not that I don’t understand why Circuit City are scamming people, it’s that I think they are assholes for it.

That reminds me, videolamer is now selling the newest version of Firefox for only $28.99. This is a perfect deal for those who don’t have internet or a computer but still want the Firefox software. Don’t delay, call today.

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17 years ago

 I went into CC this Fourth of July weekend to buy some games in their big clearence sale, but other than that I haven’t purchased electronics from them.  Thus I can’t comment on their service, but this doesn’t surprise me.  An old link on Slashdot pointed to a local store that was offering DVD backup services to customers, despite that being illegal.  Guess the local managers will do anything for a buck. 

17 years ago

I’ve never gotten a situation this bad before, but I seriously hate when EB or GameStop asks you if you want to warranty a game from misshaps. And of course, they’re always DS or GBA carts, the ones that never die. I still have NES carts that still work perfectly. I bet everyone has NES or SNES carts that have shown minimal degradation, but somehow DS and GBA carts are somehow proned to conk out after awhile. And jesus, after hearing that same old spiel a million times, the one where they say like 5 sentences in less the 2 seconds, you want to fucking tear their heads off and toss it into the used DVD racks. And no, you can’t stop them in the middle of their sentences because they’ll act like assholes for the rest of the transaction. Fucking babies.