Breaking news – Wii sales decent, PS3 the greatest

Edit 1.26.08: This first interview is likely fake. The odds of a new blog getting first Robbie Bach and then Ken Kutaragi interviews one after another seem infinitesimal. If this is the case, don’t I feel like an ass.

In an interview that shocked the gaming world, Microsoft’s Robbie Bach announced that the Wii is in fact selling. This contradicts earlier reports that the console was an abysmal failure and moved only 14 units this past holiday season.

From Bach:

“At Microsoft we think of the Wii in a different bracket of gaming so its hard to compare the two consoles. The Wii has a very small life cycle and doesn’t compare to the Xbox 360 feature wise. And while it is taking plausible 360 sales its important to notice that Nintendo has created a revolutionary device and Microsoft expected it to sell decent, and the system can afford to sell decent because its very similar to a childs toy. It would be like comparing the 360 to the PSP which wouldn’t be a good comparison. Regardless to all this, overall sales is what counts.”

Despite Microsoft’s acknowledgment that Wii sales are decent, they remain confident knowing that worldwide they have sold more systems this generation and made approximately 37 times as much profit.

Full interview.

In another unexpected turn of events, God of War designer David Jaffe recently told Gamasutra that he prefers the PS3 over other recent consoles.

“Of course, I like my Wii; I love my 360, I think the 360’s awesome; I really do love the PlayStation 3, though, and I was really excited to hear some journalists talking recently about the new Burnout.”

After siding with the new PS3 exclusive Ratchet and Clank over the latest Galaxy, he shared his feelings on the cross-platform Burnout Paradise: “With Burnout, if you really want to play Burnout the way it’s supposed to be played, play it on the PlayStation 3.”

Videogamer.com’s side by side comparison does in fact conclude the PS3 version is far superior, concluding, “The game may be on both consoles but really it is only at home on one. The powerful yet sleek PS3 once again proves why it is easily toppled Microsoft from its position as this gens king of software.”

Full interview.

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16 years ago

We need a neutral (read: Videolamer) take on the whole Burnout PS3 v 360 thing. I can’t tell weather saying both versions are basically the same or saying the PS3 one kicks ass is the most desperately fanboyish.

Great picture of Jaffe, by the way:)