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Nintendo Switch Successor Hardware Power Rumors

Many gamers were sad to see the recently released Switch OLED was not a hardware update that came with a spec boost. Those gamers should take solace, though, as rumors from Japan suggest the Switch follow up will be something of a beast. It will reportedly be so powerful it will run the eShop smoothly and rarely even fail to load while browsing the deals section of the store.


An anonymous source from Kyoto says, “The original Switch model had trouble loading the eShop due to an internal decision to focus resources on the second, highly complex “black” theme that came built-in on all consoles.” Sources also say shopping technology that would enable users to add games to a cart without losing their current place on the storefront is unlikely to be possible on a portable device.

These more technologically advanced issues will need to wait until the next generation of Nintendo systems. The new Switch, rumored to be known as the New Switch, is expected to be available bundled with launch title Metroid Prime 3 no sooner than November, 2028.

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2 years ago

First- that was funny, genuine lol
Second – Cmon! Other than the occasional maddening failure of the eshop mid browse, I actually really like what Nintendo has done. The wish list actually works, I can set up alerts for stuff on sale, I LOVE the little scrolling set of screenshots for each title from the browsing screen without having to go into a game, the recent release newsletter is great, and I feel like I can actually find games easily (as opposed to PSN, where I’m not quite sure if they WANT me to find and wishlist games).

I’ve only really dig into the PlayStation and Nintendo stores, though. How do XBox and Steam compare?

2 years ago

Steam was supposed to get better with curators (people/organizations you can follow that promote games) but as someone who didn’t buy into the feature, it’s gotten worse for finding anything that isn’t a top-20 seller.

They’ve tried to promote a “Discovery Queue” in the past via sales minigames, but typically it only reminds me about games I was already aware of or already have on other platforms. It guides you towards specific genres or games based on ones you’ve played, so if you’re not aware of most games in a given genre it could be useful. I mostly use the Wishlist feature personally and don’t browse much.

I also like Switch’s eShop vs their prior iterations and PSN’s. I feel like Steam is easier to browse but that’s a consequence of browsing via mouse and keyboard, and not any particular virtue Steam has.

2 years ago

it has been a couple of months since i have browsed or made a purchase on the eshop, but i feel like the last time i did i had to enter my password and/or credit card details about ten times to buy 4 games.

agree the wish list is the best way to use it, though.