Color Me Tickled Pink

It’s becoming readily apparent to me that I need games with a lot of color in them. I’ve been putting a lot of time into Hotel Dusk, and with the black and white nature of the sprites, as well as the browns and grays found in the actual hotel, it’s making it hard for me to willingly jump into the game.

Right now I have the choice of playing either Hotel Dusk or Lumines II, and I always seem to go to the PSP game. It’s sad to say, but the realistic color palette is what kills me about Hotel Dusk. It’s all stylistic and definitely awesome and unique, but I guess my ADD or whatever flairs up, and it takes awhile for me to enjoy myself with the title. Both are amazing games, mind you, but my mind robotically draws to the one with the wider color spectrum, and Lumines has that front covered. Trust me: a man on acid would love Lumines.

And then I think of Phoenix Wright’s rainbow-like color scheme and it starts to dawn on me that I’m prejudice against certain colors. Anything that uses the generic browns and grays to create that “realistic” look bores the crap out of me. This basically entails every game I’ve played for the 360.

I probably shouldn’t single-out Hotel Dusk, as that design choice is intentional, but it’s a good example to get you to understand where I’m coming from. If a game lacks any extravagant use of color, it never really interests me.

Am I alone on this issue? Does anyone else gravitate more towards stylized graphics, like Okami or Phoenix Wright, before giving Gears of War a try?

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17 years ago

It depends on my mood, but I generally prefer more colorful, stylized games to more "realistic" ones.  It’s one reason why I love most cel-shaded games but I really don’t like the "most realistic ever" graphics of Final Fantasy XII (while the sketches you see in the ending were really neat by comparison).  Same reason why I didn’t like Silk Road but I keep coming back to Maplestory, even though the former has a bit more depth; Maplestory is colorful and stylized.  I’m also loving Phoenix Wright, partly because it’s so colorful and awesome.  I don’t like the tendency toward browns either.

17 years ago

I thought LocoRoco looked lovely. But then again, Gears of war is damn sexy.

17 years ago

For me, there’s a correlation but not causation between what I like and color. I don’t often play shoot people in the face games or shoot people int he face while being part of the armed services games, and those are almost always realistic looking. RPGs, adventure games, shmups, and other genres I like tend to be more stylized.