Sony sends IGN a Reviewing Guide for Lair, IGN realizes the folly of its ways

Wow, how arrogant can someone be? Completely ignoring the fact that every single review for Factor 5’s monumental disaster says the same exact thing (god-awful motion controls with the SIXAXIS), Sony has issued a Lair Reviewer’s Guide for IGN, stating, in cold-hard PR-speak, that they are not playing the game properly, and that they need to open their minds and “hands for something very different!”.

Now, I could understand if Nintendo was the one doing this, as there have been many times where a Wii game would get the lowest scores possible on one site, while it had higher than average scores on another, depending on if the reviewer understood how to use the game’s motion controls. That I could understand. But because Sony is doing it, I can’t help but think this is more of a publicity stunt than anything.

Sony didn’t make this to teach the reviewer how to play the game, they did it to make them look like asses. The reviews are already published. No one is going to re-review Lair just because Sony thinks they done wrong.

I’m sure it would be a funny gag from someone’s point of view, but come on. You know you’re going to get some backlash from it, even if you’re playful about it.

And from a developer’s point of view, if you have it so most of the reviews say the same thing, you obviously did something wrong. To say everyone is “too hardcore” to figure it out is just a quick way to brush off your shortcomings.

“Fuck those reviews, they didn’t play it right.”

No, you can’t do that. And there was a lot more wrong with Lair than just its controls. Many people hated the objective system, taking you out of the game with another cinematic, detailing what you needed to do next. There were some camera issues in there as well. So even though the reviewers may have played the game incorrectly, there was still enough in there to say Factor 5 fucked up.

Which is disappointing, as I have been a big fan of the Rogue Squadron titles on past Nintendo systems.

Next week we’ll probably hear about someone getting a tech guide for the PSP.

“Obviously you guys are not using it right,” says the Sony PR guy. “The PSP was designed to play Lumines, nothing more.”

[Via IGN]

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16 years ago

I agree with you totally. This is nothing but sheer arrogance and stupidity on Sony’s part. How dare they tell people that they are playing a game wrong just because the game sucks? Just another reason the Big S is spiraling down the big toilet.