GDC: D is for Developer

Wooh boy, it’s been one hell of a week. GDC was filled with some crazy announcements. We had Sony’s “Home” thing, LittleBigWorld, and Peter Molyneux’s “dog” in Fable 2. It started to look like GDC was turning into E3’s successor in some respects. That is, until the Miyamoto conference.

Basically, Shigeru Miyamoto, the one person everyone was looking to for some steamy Nintendo megaton, denied the raving rabbid press and talked about, you guessed it, developing games. No big game announcement or anything of the sort. Just tips on how to make good games.

Apparently the press (or at least Game|Life) wasn’t too keen on how the big show turned out, almost calling it a complete waste of time.

Funny thing is, the damn show is called the Game Developers Conference, and is meant to help developers with their unreleased wares and brewing ideas. It’s not the Game Press Conference, so no one should have expected to hear anything as big as an E3 announcement. It’s naive to think it would have been any different, and I’m coming to the realization that the press shouldn’t even be allowed into the conference anymore.

First, the greedy bastards get the best seats in the house, making the actual developers, the people that the show is made for, sit in the back of the auditorium. And then they complain that there isn’t enough big information at the show, when clearly it’s not meant to be like that. You’d think they’d have a good enough time just basking in the warming glow of people like Cliff Bleszinski, Peter Molyneux, Alexey Pazhitnov, and Shigeru Miyamoto, but I guess not.

And I’m assuming the press doesn’t even have to pay to get there, as it’s all paid for them in advance by either the show itself or their editors, whereas the developers have to pay for it all by themselves; hotels, admission, etc.

I don’t mind the developer-minded press attending the show, like Gamasutra, but I’m pretty sure Game|Life and Joystiq didn’t need to be there.

Just be patient, little kiddies. E3’s just a few months away.

[Photo courtesy of, ironically, Game|Life]

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