This Week’s Releases: Megaton Edition

Now that the holiday season has officially ended, video game releases are becoming pretty scarce. For this week, there are only eight new releases for all platforms, but you should only be paying attention to three of them.

First, we get the sequel to my favorite DS game of all time, Phoenix Wright: Justice for All. In this edition, we are introduced to a new mechanic called “Psych-Lock,” which is an ability that reveals the truth in your witness’s mind. Unfortunately, this is still just a port of a GBA game, Gyakuten Saiban 2. Even worse is that there isn’t any extra mission that takes advantage of the DS’s innovative hardware like the original DS outing. But with all those missed opportunities, I am still frothing at the mouth for this game. I cannot wait to see what shenanigans Detective Gumshoe gets himself into this time.

If you haven’t even played the original PW yet, get in your car, drive to the nearest games store, and purchase it immediately. Then hit yourself in the head for not doing it sooner. Seriously though, just hit up my review for it and you’ll understand why Phoenix Wright is an amazing franchise, one that I hope never ends.

Next we have the Wii’s saving grace in the form of WarioWare: Smooth Moves, which looks to repeat the series’ trademark zaniness with tons of new mini-games that fully utilize the wii-mote. Although it’s getting mostly average scores around the ‘net, it looks to be a great party game. With Wii Sports and now WarioWare, is there any time left for some solo gaming on the Wii?

Oh, and the other game is some MMO expansion pack. I’m not really sure what it is exactly. Something about a Burning Crusade? Doesn’t sound very pleasant. Anybody care to shed some light on that one?

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17 years ago

I read up a little on that Burning Crusade thing and it just sounds like just another cookie cutter fantasy game.  Orcs and elves and magic and whatnot. Lame. :)
Phoenix Wright though… I am so there.  In just… 1 hour and 40 minutes I’ll be off to pick up my preorder.   Woot!

17 years ago

I’m jealous of your preorder for Phoenix Wright, TrueTallus. I won’t be able to pick it up until next week some time. Paying bills apparently overrides getting video games. That’s what my girlfriend tells me anyway. Oh, and thanks for the info on that Burning game. I’ve been on the horn all morning and couldn’t find any solid info on it. From what you tell me, it sounds pretty shitty. No chance for success with a game like that.

17 years ago

I know a couple people who camped out for a few hours for the WoW expansion, despite the fact that neither could claim to enjoy the original anymore.I’m surprised there were so many people in classes yesterday, actually.