Off to a shaky start

This is a little video of my Wii not working right. Any time I try to go to the Wii store to buy Zelda, it eventually locks up on me. The home button still works and the remote movement is still registered, but clicking on buttons ceases to do anything. Comcast has been dropping frequently today so it may be that the Wii doesn’t react well to momentarily losing its connection to the internet. Or it could be that my Wii is broken.

Here’s a pic of it doing this on a different screen. The field with the cursor, actually, all fields refuse to let me enter them.

3 thoughts on “Off to a shaky start”

  1. That sucks dude. I thought I had a problem with purchasing points with a credit card, but they switched the positions of the Yes and No, button, so I thought I pushed Yes and got nothing. Suffice to say, I’m a retard. Now i can’t decide which game to buy. TOO MANY DECISIONS!!!

  2. The only problem I had was that the online store wasn’t loading.  I’m guessing it’s because about 500,000 people were trying to access it at the same time, and it ended up working fine later that night (when Wii exhaustion probably took out most people).  I didn’t try to buy anything though, so I can’t speak for the info entering problems.
    So far, I have to say I’m very impressed with the system.  And Wii Sports is incredibly fun with four people.  Rayman Rabbids is great so far, and I’m only about 2 hours into Zelda and it’s as good as I was hoping.  Excite Truck is also really fun, but I’ve only played the versus mode at this point.

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