Do PS3 owners have small penises?

“Well that’s because the wii sucks!!!! The only reason people want it is because they either never got thier dream Playstation 3 or they want it for Zelda. Apparently i think zelda aint worth 300 bucks with tax. I’ll take my chances with the ps3. Also i heard playstation 2 graphics almost outbeat wii graphics, and ain’t nothin close to the Playstation 3.”

This kind of clever repartee is easily found on any message board.

“Good for you, im glad you kids are excited about this.. maybe when youre old enough to get a job you can get a Ps3..like me.”

But something struck me about this post besides the poor punctuation. To some people, the PS3 is a status symbol. It’s expensive, shiny and new, and therefore owning it makes you cool. Is it possible that there are those who are lining up to buy a PS3 for the same reason some men buy absurdly priced sports cars?

Penis jokes aside, we may be entering into an age of luxury game consoles.

Here’s a winner to think about while waiting in line for your Wii:

“PS3 line consisted of smart entrepreneurs who knew how to make a quick buck and mature attractive fans that atleast had dates with them. and you Xbox and wii fans called THEM GEEKS?! the only time you guys have even touched P*ssy was when when you wastes of life were born!”

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