matt’s E3 Predictions

I’m sure you’re probably bored to death of reading the blogosphere’s predictions for the cleverly-named “Min-E3” event that’s going to take place next week, but I haven’t stated mine yet, so you’re gonna sit there and listen, whether you like it or not. I’ll try to make it short, so you only have to use 3% of your brain power. Fucking babies.


-Gears of War for PC. Why? Because it’s already true.

-No portable (Jesus people, forget about it).

-$50 price drop for each 360 SKU (Core, Premium, Elite).

-No MGS4. It will happen eventually, but it’s not going to be for awhile.

-Zune will be integrated more with the Fall Update. Songs and video bought off Marketplace, then transfered to your Zune.

-Some crazy XBLA game shown off, with a million crappy ones.


-$100 price drop for PS3 in North America. Also, true.

-PSP Lite shown in actual form, presented with the new PSP Store. (I personally cannot wait for this)

-MGS4 playable, but Killzone in video form only.

-Rumble will be put back in the Dual Shock.


-That Popularity Channel that Miyamoto hinted at a few months back will be shown, with the possibility of one more.

-HDD will be shown to inaugurate the WiiWare presentation. Either that, or people can play games off an SD Card. I say HDD, as it would make them more money.

-Crazy assortment of WiiWare titles, with Nintendo setting the mark with their own warez. Can we all say f-l-O-w?

-Connectivity makes a resurrection, with huge assortment of Wii-DS connectivity.

-WiiSports 2 shown, with wifi mode.

-I would like to say DS Lite 2 with built-in browser and media functions (maybe even your Mii’s), but I’m gonna save that for next year’s Min-E3, if it survives that long.

Hit up the comments and make your own predictions. Fine, you can even disagree with mine.

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