Marvel vs Capcom 2 comes to XBLA

Oh my holy mother of all that is pure and good!!

Marvel vs Capcom 2 on XBLA!!

For those of you who don’t know what Marvel vs. Capcom is, it is a 2D fighter where characters from the Marvel and Capcom universes* can battle one another. The Marvel characters range from the heroes such as Spiderman and the Xmen, to the villains such as Venom and Magneto (even the sentinels).

The Capcom side, of course, has the 2D fighters from the Streetfighter and Darkstalkers games, but it also includes some other characters from the Capcom universe including the likes of Megaman, Strider and our, infrequent-if-you-can-convince-you-partner-to-dress-up-as-her-but-realise-that-taking-off-the-clothes-will-ruin-it-so-you-just-go-for-some-oral-favours-but-after-you-dump-your-plasma-and-a-little-bit-gets-on-the-pristinely-stitched-beret-you-feel-ashamed-that-you-have-defaced-and-humiliated-the-one-and-only-image-that-you-should-have-kept-on-a-pedestal-and-make-a-note-that-next-time-you-should-try-for-Ada-as-we-all-know-she’s-filthy-and-if-you-go-for-Resident-Evil-4-Ada-you-can-get-access-under-her-dress, favourite character: Jill Valentine.

The game has 3v3 combat which allows for tagging and assists. And this one is gonna come in a super smooth, velvety, just lubed enough, spank and it dribbles, honeydew glistening, moist, sweet, pleasant, HD version.

My main quandary with this iteration is that there are no unlockables. I assume the artwork section has been left out as this is the XBLA version, and all the characters are unlocked from the get go. Which just sounds the alarm bells that the inevitable online versus mode is where all the achievements are at.

Till then, we will be keeping you up to speed with the game by constantly checking the Capcom Blog and furiously masturbating (but, you know, keeping a window of actual porn [tastes may vary] open in the background so that you can quickly Alt-Tab to it in case someone walks in on you).

Love and Partial Penetration,

Richie XXX

*I hate this term, it is so grounded in geekery it makes me ill to use it, however the only other applicable term would be “franchise” which of course is just synonymous with businesses, corporations, pipelines and butt-rape.

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15 years ago

Why is Cunzy dressed like Jill?

Cunzy1 1
15 years ago

Dude. Are those cum tissues on your mom’s bed?