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I’m the king of the world!

Just ask the few remaining people at Jay’s party last night, who were the Apollo Creed to my Rocky (in Rocky 2), the Frazier to my Ali (the two times when Ali won), and the whoever to my Tyson (back when he was a good boxer and a rapist, as opposed to just a rapist).

Yes, that’s right, the Golden Jew gave into the Wii, at least for one night. Although disgusted by the fact my persona was referred to as a “Mii” in Wii Sports, I was amused by the fact I was punching out a woman Mii. I think that might have been what fueled my victory. She also had glasses. Unrealistically, they did not break and force shattered glass into her eyes.

I was very impressed with Wii Bowling, finding that the ball actually curved the exact same way it does when I bowl for real. In fact, I was able to take advantage of this the way only a gamer can to eventually assure myself multiple spares in a row. Wii boxing was also a lot of fun, although I think there was a fair bit of flailing that led to success there.

Ironically, when I was at E3, I only played the “complex” Wii games, such as Project HAMMER and Red Steel, both of which I was unimpressed with. It was the simple Wii Sports that captured my love last night (which I viewed as beneath me at E3). I know Zelda is a “complex” Wii game that is quite popular, but my question to you Wii owners: do you find yourself preferring the “simple” games over the “complex” ones? Or is my experience unique? Are there other good “simple” Wii games besides Sports?

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17 years ago

I actually like both of them equally. It really depends on what I want at the moment. Wii Sports has definitely shown me a new breed of games, but it doesn’t exclude the original types of games, like Zelda. Some nights I’ll be barely in the mood for a game, and still get into Bowling. Other nights I’ll stay up for hours playing Zelda. Both give me about the same level of enjoyment. But, I do see where you’re coming from with not immediately diving into complex games. At this point, it seems the gamer-type games are not as interesting as the simple ones due to their misplacing of their controls. I think developers just want to test the waters out with established genres and see how they fare. Not until mid-2007 will we see games really  going crazy on the Wii. We are already starting to see it with Elebits, which I can’t wait to get. It looks really good.

17 years ago

what is not mentioned above is that we had our very own wii have a problem event that night.  someone was distracting someone else (by kicking him) while wii bowling.  this of course led to a thrown controller, broken wrist strap, several broken christmas ornaments, a chip taken out of the plastic of the TV and one surprisingly resilient (though slightly damaged) remote.  fun times all around.