pat and jay

Review – Gladius

Developed by Lucas Arts
Published by Lucas Arts
Released 10.28.03

Welcome to our highly experimental and likely to fail review of Gladius. The concept came to me after having a discussion about interactive reviews with my friend Robert. This is hardly interactive, but maybe it’s a step towards something, but probably it just sucks. Without further ado, I bring you:

Clicky here to see the review – it’ll open in a new window.

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16 years ago

I’m surprised Pat did not like this one. After I beat it, i immediately restarted it with Ursula and beat it a second time. I found each character class to be fairly different and for me the strategies for victory were tied to the different classes depending on my opponents. Also, how can you not like the option of recruiting giant Scorpions, Minotaurs and Yeti’s?

Pat’s comment do apply nicely to the final boss though. It was nothing but step up and hit.

16 years ago

a blast from the past. i remember writing this review.

shota, i’m actually a little surprised you liked this game as much as i’ve heard you have. as i recall, my biggest problem with the game is the almost complete lack of story. when i play an srpg or rpg i expect some plot and character development and that was absent. i also didnt think the battles were interesting enough, although they would have been passable had i had a real reason to keep playing.

16 years ago

I will grant you the total absence of a plotline. But I managed to give up on it early in the game when it became evident that they were not even trying for it. I don’t know…I don’t usually require plot from my srpgs. It usually feels contrived and I just want to get to the next board. I did not even care for the plot in fire emblem (which is the best of em, IMO) but of course jay made me watch every second of it. I like to treat srpgs more like puzzle games. Perhaps because I have not found one yet that draws me into the plot.
Obviously, it’s a different matter with RPG’s. But maybe I am making an unnecessarily division here.