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Early to the End of the Party – videolamer NFTs

To celebrate the return of videolamer we will be offering site relevant NFTs to our diehard readers and general fans. Images such as our logo, logo with inverted colors, old logo, and the old “lamer” character made in 2 minutes using MS Paint will be available on a first come first served basis.

Because I don’t understand NFTs, I will be emailing the relevant gif or jpg to the address you provide for the price of $1,000 per file. I ask our readers to not save any of our proprietary, definitely copyrighted images in the meantime. We have a large team of high powered lawyers standing beside our GoDaddy server listening closely to the site for right clicks.

All of us at videolamer are excited to pull up our sleeves, strike while the iron is hot, and get in on the ground floor of what will inevitably prove to be the new foundation of the video game industry, the NFT. We believe what we have to offer can act as the cornerstones of that foundation and are proud to have this opportunity to sell these landmarks to you.

Logo with slogan 8

Inverted logo

Vintage web 1.0 logo

Stand-alone high res lamer character

Lamer character game reference 3

Lamer character game reference 12

Lamer character game reference 13

Lamer character game reference 41

Lamer character game reference 45

Lamer character game reference 60

Lamer character game reference 63

Lamer character game reference 89

Lamer character game reference 90

Lamer character game reference 106

Lamer character game reference 111

* All copyrighted material of Sega, Konami, Capcom, and videolamer Corporate Consolidated Holdings LLC will be retained by respective owner regardless of your possession of NFT rights.

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2 years ago

no king? no sale!

2 years ago

That predates everyone but you, I think. Waybackmachine doesn’t even have that version of the site.

For context – one of the oldest designs of this site was some weird attempt at interactivity – the king from Miracle Warriors would greet you upon entrance and you would choose dialog options to see articles, read about the site, etc. This guy –comment image

2 years ago

When I saw that the site was back up, at least literally one of the first three thoughts I had was ‘I hope the marketeer does an NFT article!’ and low and behold, here it is :D

I will say that your images go WAY above and beyond the typical NFT image creativity due diligence.

As a semi-serious question, do you have any plans to allow for reader support (patreon, etc.)? I’d rather give y’all money to make stuff than game informer, honestly.

2 years ago

Low hanging fruit is the tastiest.

Our current business model is I buy ads to drive traffic here. We have a high cost of customer acquisition considering we have no product and cannot make money. If I ever learn more about business, I will let you know.