Biggest losers in the world wait for the PS3

According to Games Are Fun, a line for the PS3 has already formed in front of a Best Buy in Burbank, California. People have been waiting since at least Wednesday for a console that launches next Friday. If these people can afford to miss over a week of work for a PS3, can’t they just get one on eBay for $2000?

As someone who may end up waiting in a line for a Wii despite having no intentions of purchasing one, I may not have much right to insult these stupid people. If it makes a difference, I will be waiting for three hours against my will (stupid friends) and not for 216 hours.

7 thoughts on “Biggest losers in the world wait for the PS3”

  1. No, but people who can afford this much vacation for a game system hopefully do. Or maybe they can wait because they don’t make anything at all.

  2. I just don’t understand this stuff. I’m the hardest of the hardcore. I mean, I literally think, shit and piss video games all day, and I would never do this. Do these guys even understand how boring this is going to get? And there’s no bathroom! That place is going to stink. And even though the PS3 is pretty cool, it’s not like its the Holy Grail or anything. Something tells me half these people did this because of a bet.

  3. Either it was a bet or, more likely, they’re not really waiting for the system to play it.  When I waited overnight (admitedly a much shorter amount of time) for the PS2, more than half of those in line had no intention of keeping the system for themselves.  As Keith says, not everybody makes 2,000 a week- but selling it for that much can net an entrepreneur quite a profit.  Or maybee those in line are hoping to buy the ultimate gift- one dedicated but uninformed grandmother in line with me back on PS2 launch day knew next to nothing about the system and recomended the game Orphen to everyone because the store clerk said it had "awesome graphics".  Her poor disapointed grandkid… 

  4. I applaud that grandmother. I don’t think anyone would do that for me. My mom usually gave me the credit card and told me to get my ass to the store if I want that shiny new console. And yeah, if you go and read some of the comments on joystiq, you’ll see that a lot of people have pre-ordered numerous PS3’s, all waiting to sell them on eBay. And with the going price of ps3 at about $1500, they stand to cash out nicely. But, I still think that is complete bullshit. They’ve just created another middleman. I have some not-so-nice words for them, but I’ll refrain from saying them for the children.

  5. yeah i waited in line for my 360 for about 13 hours (only cause if i wanted one that night i had to) i mean even though i pre-orderd with gamestop they told me that i wouldnt get mine till 2006. so i had to do what i had to do. but this is rediculous. i would not wait in line for that long! lol and i got my console to play it not sell it so im a true gamer! their doing it for the money.

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