Actual Use for an SD Card: Excite Truck

Early last week, my girlfriend noticed that she had a surprise under our Christmas tree. Not one to bow down to that kind of challenge, she soon met my present with one of her own. Hesitating for only a second, we both agreed to exchange them early. She was now the happy recipient of an iHome, while I got to bask in the glory that is Excite Truck.

The game is definitely a fun experience. It’s like Motorstorm, only without the whole over-promise, under-deliver thing. I can also see a lot of Burnout 3 in it. In the very little time I’ve had with the game, I have to say it was a great present. Hopefully I’ll have a review of it soon, barring any unforeseen writer’s block.

But the real gem in this game is the fact that you can import music from an SD card and listen to them while playing. Excite Truck is actually the only launch game to utilize this awesome feature. Xbox fans have had this feature since forever, but us Nintendo boys have just been introduced to this kind of stuff. We’ve definitely been missing out.

After going through an extremely long process of getting my computer to recognize my SD card, I put on a few driving songs to really get my throttle pumping. I’ve included a few Burnout 3 tracks, as well as some old style rock and roll with the likes of Guns N’ Roses and Lynyrd Skynyrd. I’ve even included some trippy trance music to get my head all messed up, courtesy of Rez.

Although the game was good to begin with, Excite Truck turns into a whole new beast with the SD card feature.

So how about you lucky Excite Truck drivers? What songs did you import? And if you didn’t get one yet, but will this Monday, what would you suggest for us driving music newbies?

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