Wii: The Lazy Gamer’s Console

The Wii is like the full spectrum of gaming. You can play like a non-true-gamer and make minimal movements. You can also play quirky little games like the upcoming Cooking Momma: Cook Off, as well as the big hitters, like the Legend of Zelda. Whatever you want, Wii’s got it. It’s like the Wal-Mart of gaming. Just less evil.

One thing that is also really cool, even though it’s just a side-effect of Nintendo’s ultimate aim of getting non-gamers into the gaming fold, is the fact that you can hold the controller in a really comfortable position. Because the two essential pieces of the controller are separate and tethered with a fairly long wire, you get to move your arms farther away from each other than you would with traditional controllers.

When I play through Zelda, and I’ve defeated all the enemies in a certain room, my hands slowly fall to my sides. Soon, they’ll be completely out of sight. At some points I’m so comfortable that I get annoyed when I have to get up and whip out my sword to fight some bad guys. No console in recent memory let’s you become near-comatose like that.

Games like Zelda and Trauma Center can be played pretty easily if you just lay down on the couch. Others like Red Steel and Wii Sports may be a problem, but there are some lazy bastards in the world that have waited a long time to play games like this. And yes, I am one of them.

One day I want to hide the controllers under me while I play and see what my girlfriend says.

“What the Hell are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing, I’m playing Zelda.”

“With what, the powers of your juvenile mind?”

“Leave me alone, you big jerk.”

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