Weekend Wreckage: Cho Ren Sha


What are you doing this weekend? Wrapping your face over an advanced warfighter? Getting ob-trapped in Gears? Maybe a bit of the old ‘running around flipside trying to find a heart pillar for 18 hours’ business?

Maybe you’ve got It in your head that, much like Uno before it, settling Catan will be that much cooler on your plasma.

You may be right, to be sure. I, too, have settled myself some Catan. I’m a regular Catan colonization specialist. I think being me, and settling Catan, nets an achievement on xBox Live. I think I have that one, and I think it is because I’ve settled Catan.

But this weekend, as I do every third weekend of every month of every year on this island Earth, I will be playing Cho Ren Sha.

Why? Because every once in a while a gamer needs to be horrendously owned by his game.

Don’t believe me? Watch.

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17 years ago

I am intrigued. I’m not a huge fan of shooters, but I enjoy a game of Castle Shikigami 2 or Touhou every so often myself, so I think I’ll give this a try and see how horribly it kills me. Oh, and by the by, Chorensha means “Super rapid-fire” :)

17 years ago

This weekend I’m continuing to slowly upgrade my cars in Gran Turismo 4 until they’re good enough to win on pure speed and less on technical ability. Also, more practice at Metal Slug.

17 years ago

I understand that when people say they went skiing, they often mean, “I put on skis and then fell down a mountain.” I feel this is the same for Cho Ren Sha. People can say they played the game, but what they really mean is “I pushed the on button and then continued to die for hours until I pushed the off button.”