Virtual Console Reviews/Previews

XBox Live Arcade:

This cutscene was awesome when I was younger … it still is.

Luxor 2: I played the first one on my PC and it was quite fun. Pretty much the same game as Zuma but with some added special effects and an Egyptian theme. The new version has almost 90 levels and supports HD 1080i, which is a great deal for the price. Plus, I love when games like this have a plot they want the gamer to care about. “You must save ancient Egypt from the terrible wrath of Set” … by shooting colored balls into a snaking line.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (arcade 1989): I know this one was technically released a couple of weeks ago, but I had to throw it into this list because it’s that good. I probably pumped a couple hundred dollars into this game when I was a kid and now you can get it for $5 (and that comes with unlimited lives). Add to that four-player co-op over Live and you have one hell of an arcade port. Seriously, why aren’t there more of these being remade with Live play (X-Men, Ikari Warriors, etc.)?

Castlevania — Symphony of the Night: Another one from a couple of weeks ago, but yet another fantastic game. In this package you get the original game and a new “enhanced mode” with much better graphics and updated music and sound effects. Another great deal for the money. If you’ve never played this game you really should … like, right now.

Wii Virtual Console:

Star Fox 64 (N64): I never owned the game but I played it a bunch on a friend’s console. Pretty much what people were hoping for at the time … a 3-D Star Fox-themed space shooter. Fun enough for me, but I still can’t stand that damn frog … he just will not shut up.

Hell yeah!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES): I hated this game when I was a kid. I really, truly wanted to like it but it was pretty much impossible to play. Collision detection was a nightmare, level design was horrendous, it even looked like crap … and this was the NES. They can’t all be winners. Pay for this only if you hate your Wiimote because it will end up being flung across the room, indestructible wrist straps be damned.

Dragon’s Curse (TG16): The second game in the series that Wonderboy in Monsterland (Sega Master System) started. I have played Wonderboy and think it’s a great game, so I would assume this one would be good, also. I hadn’t really heard too much about it until now, but at least there’s something on the TurboGrafix other than Bonk now.

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17 years ago

I’ve been meaning to get Star Fox. I loved the 64 version. Just a great arcade shooter, and i loved the fact it could be beaten in like 45 minutes. It made re-plays that much easier. And there was still a lot to the game, especially when considering that there were three main paths to traverse. And yes, Castlevania is the bomb diggity.