Virtual Console offers more obscure titles

Today, a few low profile games were released on Nintendo’s Virtual Console (Gradius III, Wonder Boy in Monster World, Battle Lode Runner). Many gamers’ reaction was, “This sucks, when is Nintendo giving us Super Metroid and Super Mario RPG?” or the other side of that coin, “Ha ha, enjoy your crappy VC games losers. I’m glad I don’t have a Wii.” It’s an alarming situation but provides insight into the minds of many gamers.

Square Enix recently announced it would be remaking every game they’ve ever thought about making. Many of us wondered why consumers will no doubt validate this developer’s decision to not develop games. This desire to play and replay the same game isn’t limited to Squeenix fans, though. Every angry Wii owner who is waiting to beat Zelda 2 again is the same species as the guy waiting to defeat Sephiroth an eighth time, but this time with more polygons (I hear in the PS3 remake you can make out his vagina).

Instead of waiting for Nintendo to re-release your favorites, why not dust off your N64 and play them now? The strength of the VC is that it allows new gamers to enjoy our favorites and allows us to try obscure games we missed the first time around. Double Dungeons may be as much fun as giving your brother a full body massage, but I wouldn’t trade it for the billionth iteration of Super Mario Brothers. Some of these unpopular shooters and TG16 games may actually be awesome, but people who are uninterested in anything besides playing Majora’s Mask again will never know.

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17 years ago

The page was deleted. Was that another case of 1UP not doing their editing jobs again, just like Neverwinter Nights 2?

And btw, Gradius III is the shit.

17 years ago

I know re-makes are lame. I know they only exist to make square enix tons of money. I know that there are plenty of good games out there, and that I should stop living in the past. But (there is always a but)…as a fan of many of the games they plan to remake, I can’t stop myself of thinking of how awesome it would be to play an old amazing game with re-vamped graphics. Sad but true.