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They hate my baby… and Tom Chick is an asshat

Read this. Also read Tom Chick’s original response post, and if you really care, his review (Chick’s response is at the bottom of the above article, and his 1up article is linked in his response).

I want to give hats off to Tom Chick, for masterfully pulling off this bit of PR. Because that’s all this is kids, it’s a “look at Tom Chick, he’s so abused!” play. And, it makes him more of a name brand, because I even read the Galactic Civilization 2 manual and have no idea who he is. So I guess he needed it. Or maybe I’m outside of his target demographic.

Ok, let me make my rambling into something cohesive. Tom Chick wrote the Gal Civ 2 manual. He did so for money (or, as some call it, phat l00tz). He also reviews video games. Fair enough. Tom then turns around and writes a negative review about SOTS, which is a potential competitor to Gal Civ 2.

Tom, what world do you live in where you thought that taking money from one developer and writing a negative review of a potential competitor wouldn’t cause a mild shitstorm? In the irrational world of the internet, rational people don’t do something like this, unless they want attention. I don’t even think Tom Chick is unfairly biased against SOTS, but I think it was a poor decision by him, and 1up, to use him to cover SOTS. Because perception is reality, and the perception is he’s a biased whore, and his review sucks. Even if it’s a great review with valid points, it’s tainted by the money he took. End of story. 1up has other staff. Hell, videolamer has more than one writer. This was just a poor move, top to bottom…

Except that it got Tom Chick a bunch of press (including this blog, curse me for feeding the problem). Which is what I think this is really about. Well played sir… well played.

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