The Pokemon Drinking Game [Prison rules version]

Sometime soon, not today, maybe not even this year, but before the end of the world Richie and I are going to liveblog playing the ultimate Pokemon drinking game. Drinking? Pokemon? Game? I hear no-one say. Yes that’s right. Oh you want to play too? Here are the rules:

1) Equitment
You have to pronounce equipment as equitment and skeleton as skellington and vehicle as vericle. It’s all part of playing the drinking game. Anyway, to fully enjoy the Pokemon Drinking Game you need the following:

* Every single episode of Pokemon the animated series, including the films and the Pikachu films (You can illegally download all of these from the internet. I strongly advocate that you do because when 4Kids or Nintendo or whoever finally decide to release all of them in your region there will be 2.5 episodes per DVD and it’ll cost £15 each, and even then they’ll release only half of them).

* A whole week (seven days, preferably eight) with no other commitments. It might be advisable to send your better half away for a week too, because it isn’t going to be pretty and she (or he) is definitely not going to love you more by seeing you play PTDG:PRV (Pokemon the Drinking Game: Prison Rules Version).

* 48 Shots of tequila per player
* 24 shots of Guinness per player (alternatively black vodka)
* 20 shots of Mount Gay Rum per player
* 29 shots of Aftershock
* 26 shots of Stella Artois
* 34 shots of Sambuca per player
* 65 shots of WKD Blue
* 19 Bloody Mary’s per player (alternatively shots of Malibu)
* 56 joints (weed) per player*
* 49 shots of coffee per player
* 23 ice cubes per player
* 80 shots of vodka per player
* 51 shots of snakebite per player
* 54 shots of Ribena (undiluted) per player
* 38 joints (hash) per player
* 27 shots of Irn Bru per player
* 93 shots of water per player
* A drinkedex (a drinkedex is a list with all 486-odd pokemon on it with their types and space for a tick)

2) The Game
The game is to then watch Pokemon from the start in chronological order, watching the films at the correct place and drinking shots every time a new pokemon appears on screen (excluding intro sequences) according to their types. The drinks are assigned to the following types:

Bug -Tequila
Dark – Guiness/Black Vodka
Dragon – Mount Gay Rum
Electric – Aftershock
Fighting – Stella Artois
Fire – Sambuca (lit)
Flying – WKD Blue
Ghost- Malibu/Bloody Mary
Grass – Joint (weed)*
Ground – Coffee
Ice – Ice cube
Normal – Vodka
Poison – Snakebite
Psychic – Ribena
Rock – Joint (hashish)*
Steel – Irn Bru
Water – Water

So the first time Pidgey appears on screen (Flying and Normal types) you have to drink a shot of WKD blue mixed with a shot of vodka and tick it off on the drinkedex. The first time Pikachu appears (Electric type) you drink a shot of aftershock etc. When Arceus appears you have to drink/smoke/eat one of everything from the list.

3) Winning the Game
The winner of the game is the player who, upon seeing every Pokemon and watching to the end of the current season, puts her glass on her head and says “It’s not just for kids”.

So watch this space! We’ve got all the episodes and some of the alcohol; all we need to do is to get the Maniacs together, which typically takes up to 6 months. Until then maybe you too could join in or maybe start buying up some of the equitment needed.

* We don’t normally advocate the use of illegal drugs unless she is being a bit resistant, but if you want to play the game and show the world that it isn’t just for kids, buy a nine bar today!

NB: Originally posted over at but some things are so good they need posting twice. In addition, since Sept 2007 we’ve only heard of three attempts at this game, none successful. So far no one has managed to get past season 1.

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15 years ago

Like collecting Pokemon, this drinking game sounds like a lot of work. Though I gotta give it to ya for the breadth of booze to be pounded during the game. I have a drinking game too. All players start drinking everything in sight at noon and see how much they can drink by midnight.

Telephone Psychics
14 years ago

Very nice post I love your site carry on the great blog posts

13 years ago

I just saw this.
I’m putting this as a priority for me and the boys.
Will post vids.