The Christmas Method

My last Winter Break ever starts tomorrow, meaning a whole month of absolutely nothing to do. Nothing to do but try a little gaming experiment, that is.

Welcome to Flavor Country (tm?)

The project is simple. I’ve had a stack of games of either my own or my roommate’s ownership just waiting for me to either begin or finish. Time and again, I can’t sit down with any of them for more than an hour. I think I need a break from the modern game, or at least the modern game design.

I’m tired of required tutorials sequences for things I know how to do, and for games I’ve already played. I’m sick of slow introductions that string me along forever before I really get the reigns. I’m tired of long bouts of poorly written dialog getting in my way. And if I have to suffer through one more minigame that requires luck over skill, I might explode.

This holiday break calls for a change. An entire month away from the cruft. It will be compromised of games old and new, popular and obscure. The only common thread between them is that they will be games of skill. The stuff that requires patience, practice and determination, where as soon as you’re done you can jump right back in and try for an even better performance.

Devil May Cry 3, Gunstar Heroes, R-Type III, Fighting games galore, Guitar Hero and Trauma Center are all on the list. The only exception to the rule will be Twilight Princess, which is stuffed with so much good content that it gets away with it. I can’t promise it will work, or that I’ll stick to my guns, but I do promise to follow up with my results.

Wish me luck. Happy holidays.

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17 years ago

If you’re gonna play Gunstar Heroes on the Wii, you could use that suspend feature to semi-cheat the game. I’ve been pausing on the second level’s boss for like a week now. I do also want to say this game is fucking amazing. Insane gameplay.

17 years ago

i miss christmas break.  and summer vacation.  and spring break.  not to mention four day weeks…