Morning Glory Issue 002


After the BBFC declared that Manhunt 2 would never be released in its current state, or indeed without “significant changes”, Rockstar have decided to go back to the drawing board with Manhunt. Or is that the kitchen chopping board?

In an unprecedented move, Rockstar have today announced that Manhunt 2 will not be released, but there is good news — Panhunt will be released in its place.

Panhunt will follow the misadventures of Head Chef Billy Chopsticks as he goes about his daily business of cooking meals for his doting public. In typical videogame style, the beginning of Panhunt sees Billy losing everything he owned — his world-renowned restaurant, his gorgeous wife, and most crucially — his razor sharp cutting implements.

But, Rockstar have said, this won’t be a typical case of rags to riches, rather a case of “rags to prettier rags”. →  Read the rest