Sony CEO – PS3 better than Wii

Howard Stringer is the CEO of Sony. He makes over 650k a year (very likely million/s). And he is terrible at PR.

“I’m happy the Wii seems to be running a bit short of hardware. The PlayStation 3 will come into its own because its are infinitely more fun, demanding and exciting.”

He is glad the Wii is selling out because consumers may now buy a PS3 out of frustration. He’s pleased that Nintendo’s giant safe can barely fit any more money in it because that may mean a few dollars drift down the street to Sony. He enjoys that Iwata’s back is sore from carrying bars of solid gold to the bank, and Miyamoto’s neck aches after craning to see the top of his new mansion.

But then he must also hold the public in contempt for not recognizing his product’s blatant superiority. Mozart would be outraged if the Prince of Salzburg replaced him with William Hung. If Stringer believes his games are infinitely more fun than Wii games then he must be doing some very serious personal reflection. Suicide watch would not be an overly drastic measure.

At least this quote clears up why all PS3 game reviews have a knocked over “8” for a score.

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16 years ago

the quote is two disjoint statements. If the ps3 comes into its own due to its games and experience, how do Wii shortages play into effect? It has nothing to do with the PS3 experience.

This isn’t even spin. It is just a very frustrated businessman.

16 years ago

Wow, nothing leaves a more scathing burn on your enemy than an inarticulate bitch-slap of your own personal feelings.

I understand his speech went on to clear up some other common disputes with these hard hitting opinions: “Vanilla is better than chocolate because it’s the best!” and, “Red is a superior color ’cause it’s my favorite.”