NPD Schadenfreude

I’m a small, petty man, but maybe you are small and petty, too. If so, you may enjoy these comedic comments from a popular PS3 forum. The context is the following – Halo 3 sold 3.3 million copies in less than two weeks, MS sold 527k 360s, Nintendo 501k Wiis, and Sony 117k PS3s.

“this is just an example of what the media can do to a console. ps3 was just released in the wrong world.”

“And why would any one expect Heavenly Sword to see better then it did it has no advertisement at all and there are only 6 million ps3s out as of now so if you compare that to halo selling 3.3 million of 360 with 10 million units old then its allot closer then it looks.”

“PS3 isn’t going anywhere cause Sony will support it forever.”

“Stayed above 120k during “Halo season”? Where exactly is the doom and gloom coming from?”

‘it sold 10,000 less in this five week month than in the previous four week month.’
Doesn’t concern me, really. In fact, it shows a lot of strength. People telling you to be worried at this point don’t understand economics.”

“The PS3 can’t be in a better position as it is right now.”

“I will never understand why certain people get off on PS3 struggling like they ****ing work for Microsoft or Nintendo…Its pathetic and annoying.”
Oh, wait. That last one may be more perceptive than comical.

Yes, there are 12 year old illiterates on Microsoft and Nintendo boards, too. Too bad Sony’s official response to the NPD figures was less than brilliant:

“PS3 continues to maintain an overall increase in sales, with 119K units sold at retail for the month.”
Last month was four weeks long and they moved 131k and this month was five weeks long and they sold 117k. But if you pick an arbitrary point, like June of 1638, then the PS3 is indeed seeing increased sales.

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16 years ago

flame bait! =D