Logitech Wireless controllers eat it

Logitech wireless controllers may look cool, but my experience with them has been quite disappointing. Hoping to make all my gaming as convenient as Game Cube sessions, I spent $40 a pop on three Logitech controllers, two PS2 and one Xbox. Before spending money I check out a product’s reviews and this purchase was no exception. Everyone seemed quite satisfied with the wireless controllers and people touted the merits of the Logitech brand; they were no Mad Katz.

It turns out they’re no Nintendo, either. The Logitech controllers lose their connection significantly more frequently than the Nintendo made Wavebird controllers. Often this amounts to a mild annoyance but sometimes, depending on what I’m playing, it can lead to near instant death. It’s hard to gauge, but I think the PS2 controllers crap out a lot more than the Xbox one, but that may just be because I play my PS2 much more than my Xbox.

In addition to an iffy wireless signal, the Xbox controller has shitty buttons. I have to really slam down the “A” for it to register. Worse, one of my PS2 Logitech controllers now has a busted right analog stick, thanks to the combination of Katamari Damacy and crap workmanship. This means not just that I can’t play games that require both analogs with the controller, but that when I’m playing a game it can handle, I still have a dead wobbly stick hitting my right thumb constantly.

Of the three wireless Logitech controllers I bought, two of them are unacceptable, and one of those is flat out broken. The company may have a reputation for making good products but I do not recommend these controllers. They do look pretty slick, though.

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