What if Jack Thompson viewed all media equally?

Jack Thompson Declares Bible Obscene

Crusading for a new rating system for books, lawyer and pro censorship lobbyist Jack Thompson has focused on the King James Bible as a prime example of depravity that is easily accessible to impressionable children and young adults. He points to passages about murder, incest, rape, genocide, regicide and other disturbing scenes to paint a picture of what he sees as one of the most dangerous books available today.

Taking time off from his anti-video game violence campaign, Thompson visited the television show The View last Monday as part of the PR campaign for his new book rating system. He cited specific passages of the Bible and explained how they may warp a young mind in an attempt to prove that the book needs to be censored.

“Ezekiel 23:19 and 20 are about a whore reminiscing about all the large penised [sic] men she slept with. How is this anything more than pornography?” a clearly outraged Thompson asked on live TV. Rosie O’Donnell disagreed with his assessment but agreed to discuss the matter.

Thompson explained that young women reading about well endowed men will develop unrealistic expectations. Or even worse, Thompson says, after reading this passage a young girl may become murderous, driven to what he calls “a cock hungry craze.”

“In Kings a bald prophet takes his revenge on around 40 children, and only because they made fun of him. And how did he get his revenge? Bears ate the kids. This is just something we as Americans do not need,” continued Thompson.

Many young adults begin losing their hair early in life. Thompson fears this passage can be used word for word as a terrorist plot to exact revenge on those who have made fun of male pattern baldness. He urges mothers of children with leukemia to keep their heads covered at all times and to always be vigilant of bears.

Thompson finished his segment on The View by reading from Numbers, “This passage right here clearly tolerates the murdering of another people and the deflowering of virgins by mandate of God Almighty. And in light of the tragic attacks of September 11th 2001, this is something I oppose.”

Thompson warns that a role model who commits genocide may lead children to have a warped sense of morality. “We cannot tell our children that Hitler was evil but Moses was great without lying to them and ourselves,” says Thompson.

A lawyer, Thompson has seen case after case of the violent effects the Bible can have on a developing mind. “Terrorist Eric Rudolph was clearly strongly influenced by the Bible and there are many more like him. We need to stop the violence by stopping this book,” Thompson posted on his website early last week.

The new book rating system Thompson is lobbying the government to enforce will give every newly printed book one of three ratings. These ratings range from “M” for “moral,” “I” for “immoral” and “B” for “burn.” Thompson plans on reading every newly printed book in order to personally rate each one. He also hopes he will be chosen to burn any books rated “B.” The Bible, Thompson promises, will be rated “B.”

“Is it not enough that we give our children video games that teach them to kill one another? We do not need a manual for homicidal megalomaniacs in each of our nightstands. This new ratings system will prevent not only another Columbine, but another cock crazed whore murder,” Thompson wrote on his website, StopDropKill.com.

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