Is your ego satisfied?

I played DDR this weekend. My first DDR’ing in almost two years. My brother wanted to see me “in action”, the way I was in a darker part of my life, and I had to oblige.

The version was Supernova. New to me, but it all worked the same. Same Playstation-esque graphics. Same annoying announcer. Same high quality pad that still feels kind of innacurate at times.

And an absolute truckload of songs. A few I’ve seen before, many I haven’t. With just three songs at my disposal and an embarrassingly quiet arcade around me, I couldn’t cycle through them all. I don’t think I would have if I had the chance. It is one thing to have a lot of content. It is another to have content you may never actually get around to enjoying. Supernova seemed bloated, massive, and yet hardly different from the very first DDR games.

I got B’s on all the songs, on Medium. We left the arcade and shopped for clothes. I bought a clearance shirt for $10 and some nice cuff links to go with it.

Give me Guitar Hero and a lean selection of finely tuned songs any day of the week.

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16 years ago

This is why I like Stepmania. You can fix broken songs, make new ones, and even (if you’re really crazy like me) play songs on your keyboard! Yeah, there are lots of songs, but if you’re careful you can find some really nice quality ones without too much trouble.

16 years ago

Yeah, I used to play DDR with my sister. Then, Guitar Hero came along. I’d much rather pretend to be a rockstar with my fischer-price style guitar than sweat like a pig to that DDR music.