Goat of War

In a shockingly candid interview with videolamer, Phil Harrison has granted us some insight into the often confusing world of Sony PR. The recent goat incident, in which a decapitated goat was refitted with the head of a Bigfoot costume, is just a spark in the upcoming storm of marketing blitz Sony will be unleashing this summer, says Harrison.

“The next God of War installment is coming soon, and we have ads that will make the white PSP advert look tame.”

In addition to unrolling a host of new printed ads, including an image of Kratos circumcising Zeus, Harrison promises Sony events to further get us in the warring mood.

“The standard headless goat stunt we used for God of War 2 simply won’t impress any longer. I can’t give too much away, but I can mention that we have constructed a flesh and bones minotaur. Did you really think we’d let that goat head to go waste?”

When asked why Sony is so keen to push the boundaries of advertising, Harrison became visibly defensive.

“This isn’t just about advertising. This is a way of life. The PS3 and PSP are ways of life, and so is ritual sacrifice. This is living.”

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17 years ago

Holy shit man you just proved me wrong. Bravo with this one.