Flash game review bonanza 2

Continued from yesterday’s Part 1

Gogo Happy & Smile

Genre: Beatemup

Yo yo yo wazzup?!
Justice has taken on many forms throughout history, but never one so fierce, or furry, as in Happy & Smile.

Synopsis: This game is an unabashed rip-off of Alien Hominid, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You can play as either Happy or Smile, a cat and rabbit who fight a group of evil bears that drop lots of cash money. For those unfamiliar with Alien Hominid, Happy & Smile plays as a side scroller/beat-em up, pitting you against an unending onslaught of foes as you move across the city.

Style (9/10): The game is wonderfully themed, the art and orchestral music coming together to make the game seem like an old school gangster movie (albeit one about cats, rabbits and bears). Character animations are detailed, fluid, and possess a nice amount of variation.

Substance (7/10): My main issue with this game, much like with the original Alien Hominid, is that it is difficult to the point of wanting to jab the nearest sharp object into your brain. Beyond this though, the game offers good side scrolling action. Players can choose between a close-up attack on enemies or use your standard gun that has infinite ammo to kill them from afar. Enemies drop a variety of weapons with limited ammo, and killing them fills up the bar for your super attack, which unleashes a devastating blast on unsuspecting bears.

Bonus points: -20 points for being a blatant ripoff.

Overall score 8/10: If you can deal with the difficulty, this game will provide a lot of entertainment as you attempt to memorize the layout in order to progress through the game without dying. If you can’t deal with the difficulty, Happy & Smile still serves as a good distraction until the increase in your blood pressure induces a heart attack.


Thing-Thing Arena

Author: Weasel (xX_weasel_Xx)
Genre: Survival Beatemup

Synopsis: if you’ve seen any of the “madness” movies you have some idea of what you’re playing here. If you haven’t, imagine characters that have limbs and head unattached to their bodies, all of them bent on killing each other. You will control one of these characters, and your goal is to stay alive as long as possible as a horde of other creatures attempt to slaughter you.

Gray forever
This is my boomstick!!!

Style (4/10): If you’ve seen the madness movies, you know that the graphics are horrible, and the only redeeming feature is the artistic way in which the main character murders all of his opponents. You will never come close to achieving these artistic feats, and so all you have left are shoddily drawn characters and buildings. The only positive aspect of this game’s art is the high customizability of the character you control: players have a large variety of faces and outfits they can use. The music, while not offensive, is not worth complimenting either.

Substance (5/10): Mindless fun. That’s all. There are a few different modes to play with that offer a variety of difficulties, weaponry, and opponents. I find that the zombie survival mode is the most fun, because you have infinite ammo and a decent weapon, letting you focus less on worrying what gun to use and more on how you are going to deal death (or undeath?) to your zombie foes. Despite the variety in modes, however, the game gets old very quickly as there is nothing to do but run, shoot and jump.

Bonus points: -30 points for being related to a series of animations that should just die.

Overall (4/10): Unless you enjoy racking up high scores for the sake of seeing big numbers, you won’t enjoy this game for more than five minutes.


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18 years ago

i’ve gotten to the underground part, where all that’s left is a question mark under Lucas. please tell me what is next, i’d find out myself (though I’ve already tried 10 times) but all I foresee is endless tedium of replaying the game, so just save me time here. I imagine I use the War Van (which is undamaged thanks to my clever removal of the drill spear form the wall).

Much Appreciated,


18 years ago

hey sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I think what you need to do is flood the bathroom with water (by closing the window and door) after you’ve left it. eventually the water will spill through the floor and allow you access to the next part later in the game. If you already did this and find you’re stuck tell me and i’ll play through the game again.